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...Social Journal
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

So I may have just butchered Juliet’s famous quote, but seriously – why so much pressure on a name? Will the name define what this project is all about?

A few weeks back I spoke with Alex from StartSomeGood. We were joking about how difficult it is to come up with a good name and he actually purchased over 10 domains before the team finally agreed on their official name.
I agree that naming is important, but with the tools at our disposal such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can’t we all properly market and brand any name?!

Call me biased, but I think Social Journal is quite clever:
Social = do good in the world
Journal = write down your thoughts/bring ideas together, etc...

Social is a nuanced word that has many different connotations, so there was significant pressure to change the name to either something more “meaningful” or “attractive.” With our amazing Design Team, we played with names, made up words, and toss around multiple ideas. As important as a name may be – I felt we got caught up in the branding, where focus needed to come back to the cause.

In this troubled time, Paul, one of our advisors told me:
“This is such a different type of endeavour in my mind - something larger than what people might expect it can become. So in time - the idea itself might outgrow the name or the name no longer suits the purpose… Some of the best names are simple and staight to the point of what they are doing - myspace (welcome to my personal space) facebook (it's a virtual book of friend's faces and their interest and keeping in touch with them) twitter ( i twitt to you what i'm doing and to know i'm here, just like birds do), Social Journal (it's the diary of change and what your ideas are)…I'm more of a simple name person and the meaning of the name to me has to be the most important. Fit the endeavour to a name not a name to the endevour. Pick a name that will stand the test of time.”

Only last night and 200 names later, did we finally agree on SoJo (a nickname given to the project by Paul before anyone told us to change our name).

SoJo is short, catchy, easy to spell, has the potential to create an identity of its own, and still holds its roots of Social Journal. I think more than anything, I’m just excited to get the ball rolling on the design and branding front and get our name (whatever it may be) out there!!!

What do you think? Did your team struggle with picking a name?
How important do you feel it is for amazing ideas to be attached to an amazing name?

As we create Social Journal's story I encourage you to continue to follow us and be part of this extraordinary initiative as it unfolds.

Please share your feedback/comments/suggestions on what you would like to see on this site.

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This is your invitation to take an active role in defining what Social Journal can become.
Are you up to the challenge?
It’s been a little over 100 days since my last post...and in case you were wondering, yes Social Journal is still very active. Over the past few months a lot of thinking (and time) has been invested into figuring out what this will all look like.

Our objective is clear: To provide the user (you) with quality information [on how to turn your ideas for social change into working projects] in a simple and engaging way. In order to achieve this objective, we strive to bring together all of the fragmented sites and resources and be THE central repository and conduit of information on initiating a social venture.

The most notable updates from the backend include:
  • Expanding our core team: the young individuals who are responsible for bringing this entire project together. Social Journal has a big vision with very ambitious goals, so we need an incredible team to make this happen.
  • We are working with a phenomenal Design Team (Graphic Design students from the Ontario College of Art and Design University), experimenting with ways the users (you) will be able to interact and engage with the contents on this site. We are incorporating cutting-edge Design Thinking principles with psychology and traditional web-design. Spoiler: This site will be revolutionary, way different than anything you have seen before. Stay tuned!
  • The Contents Team has been working diligently to create an outline of the contents and we’ve started writing up the initial contents that will be posted on the Beta site shortly.
  • An Advisory team is coming together to provide Social Journal with the support, guidance and push to ensure for a successful launch. 
There are more exciting developments in the pipeline, I hope you're ready!