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We should never under estimate what can be achieved in 100 hours* and the power of momentum.
Within 24 hours Social Journal got a name, defined its vision, launched its first website and accompanying social media outlets. Since those first 24 hours a lot of pieces on the back-end have been coming together as well. Some other elements include recruiting team members, laying the ground work for some exciting partnerships, generating content, and creating an initial version of the organization’s objectives and plan of action. In less than 100 hours, an organization was born.

Many aspiring young social entrepreneurs get caught up in the syndrome “paralysis by analysis” – in other words they spend too much time thinking and don’t actually get the ball rolling. I’m quite certain that our website will go through multiple versions, the contents in this blog and site will change, different people will come and go through the organization...however I am also mindful that nothing is perfect in its first shot, and that the only way to improve and re-engineer is to have a base to work from.

Don’t get me wrong, research and planning (which will have an entire section on this site) are extremely important – however there is value in taking action and learning as you go. I am taking advantage of the momentum that currently exists to kick-start this initiative. Ideas have been looming the back of my head for months, and within a few days I am starting to materialize those ideas and finally move this project forward. This is exciting!

As you look to Social Journal to be inspired and to gather information and resources to kick-start your ideas for social change, I will document the evolution of Social Journal in real-time – and perhaps you can draw a lesson or two from this socially entrepreneurial venture as it unfolds with you.

I can only anticipate what my post 95 days from today will look like: where I hope to summarize all the great accomplishments Social Journal achieves in its first 100 days!
Until then, please join us and help fill in the pages.

on behalf of

*100 hours in real-time.
Actual labour invested to lay the foundation of Social Journal was approximately 10-15 hours.

All great initiatives are born from an idea. Journals are great places to store, build and grow ideas. We record our thoughts and observations, our fears and inhibitions, our ambitions and goals, doodle, or collect random facts. Journals are a safe place to self-reflect, but also a place to dream...
What is Social Journal?
Social Journal is a community to inspire and inform young social entrepreneurs. Created by young social entrepreneurs themselves, this is a place where we encourage youth to dream big, but also provide them with the right tools and resources and to turn their dreams into reality.

The only requirement to be part of the Social Journal community is a sincere desire to invest your efforts and energy towards addressing an unmet social need. Although the contents of Social Journal will be geared specifically towards youth and young adults – we acknowledge the value of intergenerational learning and thus welcome everyone to Social Journal 

Over the next few weeks, we will be pulling together a Beta site for Social Journal’s community. In addition to this blog, we will include stories of young social entrepreneurs who have initiated some pretty amazing social projects, lists of resources and tools useful for getting a project up off the ground and an online platform to connect youth with great ideas to those with experience in successfully launching projects.
The pages are blank now, but we invite you help us populate these pages, by reading and contributing to the Social Journal. Share your thoughts, your ideas and resources and above all, join this community with an open mind and be ready to be inspired.