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Yesterday I attended the Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada (YSEC) annual conference in Toronto. It was quite an eclectic gathering of bright minds across a variety of disciples, with heated debates on the predictions of future trends of Social Entrepreneurship, coupled with insightful learnings along the way. This was my first time publicly telling people [outside of my immediate and trusted network] of SoJo. It is an intimidating feeling to put yourself out there and share an idea that has not yet been fully developed (we still have MANY unanswered question marks as to how this project will come together and get executed). My greatest apprehension of putting myself “out there” was vulnerability from not having all the answers and subsequently jeopardize the credibility of SoJo. Perhaps it is the perfectionist in me that was not comfortable sharing the idea before it was fully developed...

What initially started as fear, quickly transformed into positive energy. Instead of being afraid of everyone poking holes in the idea - I decided to recognize the opportunity that existed with all of the talent and insights among the delegates. I essentially used my conversations and the conference itself as a testing ground for the idea of SoJo and I gathered amazing intelligence. While leading a session on the challenges facing young social entrepreneurs I [strategically] posed questions to the group that would help SoJo answer some of its difficult questions. The chemistry in the group discussion was great and I took a away a list of notes that will undoubtedly make SoJo better.

Forces exist all around us. It is our ability to recognize these forces and not be afraid to reach out and gravitate towards them that determines what can be achieved. Although putting yourself out there may make you more vulnerable, with that risk comes the potential to spark some truly amazing conversations that can lead to outcomes beyond your wildest dreams... we just need to be brave enough to put ourselves out there.



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