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By every stretch of the definition, SoJo is a lean start-up – and since we have not yet defined our inflows of revenue, we must be responsible with our financial outflows. The limited funds that we do have are bootstrapped by the co-founders and will not last very long. Instead of being discouraged, we are embracing an entrepreneurial spirit of getting others to believe in your vision – even before you have any results to show for your actions – and being resourceful to gather the support and resources necessary to execute on that vision.

Although SoJo has not yet received its first injection of funding, we remain focused on our goals and achieving our vision.
So how does a lean start-up push forward on a slim budget? Answer: We’re getting tons of in-kind support!
This includes professional advice that saves us hours of online researching, a workspace at a high-tech firm, shared bandwidth on project management tools, such as Smart Sheet, working with an incredible team of student designers from OCAD like Daniel and Bill and reaching out to friends like Michael who lend off their technical expertise to help us get our website up and running.

I don’t see this in-kind support provided to us as charity, but rather a manifestation of camaraderie. Our supporters know what it is like to be in start-up mode, are excited by our vision and take pride in knowing that they are an integral part of a very promising start-up, which is in its infancy. That’s exciting – and we’re more than happy to share ownership (and future bragging rights) with all of our supporters.

SoJo is extremely grateful for its early-supporters who have been generous to share their time and resources with us. To sweeten the deal, some of this support was offered to us without even asking for it!

Our insights to share with you: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, share your vision with others, and let people know where you need help – all without expectations of something in return. You never know who may be inspired by your vision, who they may tell and the wonderful things that will come your way.

[Let it be known, as evidenced by our previous posts, we don’t have it all figured out and still have many unanswered questions. That didn’t deter amazing individuals from offering their support...]



04/11/2011 12:44

Really appreciate the idea of SoJo, it will be groundbreaking for sure. I just have a question regarding a few blogs. The blogs are amazing in allowing people to follow the path of how SoJo began which in itself can be a process for others to learn and develop their own ideas. But how did the name SoJo really began? There is a short blog about one of the advisors giving a nickname to it, is this person part of the team? What is missing is the blog launch of SoJo itself, the name, the meaning behind the logo, copyright issues etc..

As a youth, it would be great to know this process from the beginning and see the transformation of Social Journal, to SoJo, to the design, to the incorporation and when that big funding happens.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

Kanika Gupta
04/12/2011 23:56

Thanks for your comment Anna.
You pointed out some legitimate holes in our documed story. It is often difficult to take a step back, reflect and document as we sometimes get caught up in execution. Excuses aside, please stay tuned for more posts that will cover the topics you mentioned. On that note, we will make special effort to document more details and share them on this blog.

04/14/2011 11:38

Thank you Kanika. Don't get me wrong, SoJo is great and I look forward to seeing it grow. As a young social activist, I also want to learn from SoJo those things I mentioned. If I am to be inspired to create my own organization of change, how do I copyright the name? How much does that involve? Incorporating the org? I would suggest beginning to add links to incoporaton and non profit start up perhaps? Other blogs on how to recruit by using social media? I know that SoJo would be the first step :) Thnx

Kanika Gupta
04/18/2011 13:08

Anna - I do appreciate your comments and we will put extra effort in populating our blog.

In response to your requests and as a point of clarification: the SoJo blog is documenting our story and what we are currently going through in our journey. Once goes live, the comprehensive site will have all the information you would need in your journey, including some of the technical details you've requested above.

We have not yet copyrighted our name or been through the process of incorporating as a not-for-profit, so cannot write about it in the blog. More blogs on social media and building our team are in the pipeline!

We're thrilled that you're excited to read these resources and that they will be valuable for you. Please be patient and we hope to launch soon!


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