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Earlier today, SoJo was accepted to be a client with MaRS Advisory Services, operated in collaboration with Social Innovation Generation. 

What does this mean?

They will provide us with advice on business planning, help us figure out our funding strategy, and provide legal and intellectual property issues. We will also get access to market intelligence, among other helpful resources. These services are provided to us free of charge with the goal of helping us make SoJo a reality.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Patience was required – it took us over 4 months to seal the deal from when we first approached them for support to finally receiving the official ok and discussing next steps. I was also forewarned about the backlog of client requests, which means it may take us a while to connect with the experienced advisors and derive value from the resources available to us.

Regardless, SoJo is at a place where we can really benefit from experienced advisors to guide us in the right direction, ask us the tough questions and provide us with the critical feedback that is needed to build the right foundation that will enable SoJo to be amazing. We are now entering a new phase: our idea has been validated; we’ve started building a community of supporters; and are ready to move forward.
Next phase is figuring out how we bring our site together, where the funding will come from, and developing a plan to launch the Beta. It is my hope that these services can help us in this next phase, and subsequent phases.

I will keep you posted on the evolution of our relationship with MaRS, the value that we derive from working with them – and of course, will share everything learned on the SoJo site for your benefit.

Don’t have access to a MaRS-like advisory service? Don’t sweat it – that’s why SoJo is here. We hope to build a site that will provide you with the information, tools and resources you need to get your idea up and running – and hope to connect you with other similar off-line networks and individuals who will provide you with that extra support you may need.



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