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It is our goal at Sojo to help people turn their ideas into reality.
Ideas don’t just poof into reality. That little arrow above you is actually a very complex process. When it doesn’t work it can be quite frustrating. So, what can we do to affect this process?
We will help people get closer to their goals, knowing that their design process leads in the right direction, and fully achieve what they define as success.

We can see that creating useful content is central to the mission. It’s our meat and potatoes, our raison d’être, our trump card - content is king.

Effective content does not exist in a vacuum (we’ve looked!). How’s it’s presented, the context and the environment supporting are all extremely important.
Here’s our general equation of SoJo Success. It was derived with intense mathematical rigor (though we might be missing a term or two). We’re working on its proof.

On the design side, we are finding it necessary to create a process to bring all these elements together in harmony – a systems design. In other words, we’re creating a design process to create a systems design to design a solution to help people design. (deep breath)

Our Design Process (insert iterate everywhere!)
- Brainstorming galore
- Create several designs
- Collect feedback from everybody
- Ask questions
    o How does the design affect content, technology and business?
    o Does it help people turn ideas into implementation?
    o Is it feasible to build?
- Build it!

We’re looking forward to the end result as much as you are. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you understand the joys and learning that occurs when we go through the design process.  To the journey!


10/28/2013 20:18

Found your site from another blog and wanted to see where I could find more info


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