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Written by Monique Elliot:
Earlier today, I once again learned the value of being part of a team. SoJo is a virtual team,  meaning most members communicate with each other mostly through Skype and email. So being able to visit the SoJo “office” in Toronto and meet Madeleine and Kanika in person for the first time really emphasized the difference in dynamics compared to my solo work environment in Ottawa!

I’ve been working on creating SoJo’s first multimedia video. The objective of this video is to introduce potential users to SoJo and encourage people to sign-up for our Beta test. Before today’s meeting, I came up with a rough storyboard of some potential concepts for the video. But once we started brainstorming more ideas as a team, it became obvious that this first video could be something even more inspirational…

For a good chunk of the morning, Kanika, Madeleine and myself shut ourselves in a boardroom that had whiteboards for walls and got down to brainstorming as soon as I arrived (after taking an overnight bus – talk about Energy!). Our ideas were flying up on those whiteboards so fast, it’s no wonder we needed more than one marker (and besides, a little colour keeps it fun!).

This picture may look like gibberish, but this is the inspiration behind a video that will be incredible!

We wanted to keep the video simple, and really showcase SoJo as the best online resource that will not only connect individuals passionate about starting projects for social change with each other, but also help inspire people to take action! The challenge is creating a 90 second video that will appeal to many different people at different stages of their journey.

PASSION, EXCITEMENT, and EMPOWERMENT are all emotions a person should feel on their journey to becoming a social entrepreneur. We will base the video on those emotions and arranged our story around them to show how SoJo can help maximize the joy of the process of turning an idea into action.

As a journalism student, I’m constantly immersed in all types of media, and it becomes very obvious very quickly that consuming media is so different from producing it… especially when you’re still learning about the tools!

While my expertise lies in writing, I have a growing interest in producing multimedia content. This will be my first attempt at creating a multimedia video using some software I’m unfamiliar with, so wish me luck!



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