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SoJo's greatest challenge since inception has been technology. We have been lacking technical skills on our team and considering we're building an interactive and engaging online platform, if un-rectified this could be very problematic. We experienced serious issues hosting our landing page, delays in getting the closed Beta launched and a disconnect with implementing the Design Team's vision. So you can only imagine the daunting task of implementing an online platform such as SoJo with our organization's current resources.

Armed with a startup mentality however, we were not deterred from this challenge. In a startup, there is a lot to do, there are few people and our skills don't always match what is currently needed to be done. Put another way, in a startup there are many of hats to wear, and not all of them quite fit.

Dan A, who is leading the implementation  of the closed Beta site, has been forced to teach himself PHP and CSS (the coding language we're using). He came onboard expecting to do high-level planning of site, and is now deep in the trenches of code! (He is also a full-time student in the midst of finals). On the flip side however, we have been in frustrating situations where some team members' expectations were not in-line with SoJo's expectations and as a result have under-delivered - which has led to setbacks and negative consequences for the entire team.

Despite the ingenuity of some, an organization can only go so far without the right skills and talent on board. I am in awe and commend the resilience and perseverance of those on our team who have eagerly stepped up to the challenge of teaching themselves new skills and rolling up their sleeves in pursuit of realizing SoJo's vision.
We've reached a point however, where we desperately need more help...

Those of us involved on the technology side are incredibly thrilled to welcome Linus as the newest member of SoJo's team! Based in Vancouver, Linus will take a lead role in creating the online platform, and incorporating the feedback from our Beta testers as we iterate and evolve the site.

We're looking to release our closed Beta by the end of the month, so Linus has arrived at the most opportune time.

My words of wisdom if you are struggling to find the right people: patience and optimism. Reach out to as many networks as you can think of and create an environment where someone new would like to join your team and project. Also recognize that there is a lot of luck and timing at play too.



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