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Yesterday I guest-lectured at my Alma Mater on the topic of social entrepreneurship. One student asked the question: “If I don’t have an idea [to create something thing new], how can engage in social entrepreneurship?” Since when were ideas limited to building something new? That question sparked some thoughts on why SoJo exists. We want to encourage and inspire individuals who are passionate about making social change happen to believe that they can do so, through many different channels.

SoJo’s “primary” vision is to be the site that everyone thinks to consult during their process of ideas into action. We want to be universally recognized and respected as a credible and comprehensive resource that provides assistance to youth who need help in their journey of idea into action.

More revolutionary however, is our “world shaking-system disrupting” vision; which is to redefine the culture of “social entrepreneurship” and what it means to be a “social entrepreneur.” We want to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in individuals, and make everyone believe that they can embrace the principles of social entrepreneurship in their daily activities and be a part of some signification changes within their current environments. Although creating a brand new social venture is only one form of “idea-into-action,” we want people to feel empowered that they can make changes within existing systems, on campus or in their workplaces.

You are invited to join us on our journey and be a part of history in the making. Share your ideas of how we can accomplish our vision, email us with topics you’re interested in reading about, or recommend our blog to a friend. One of our goals is to engage as many people as possible with our world shaking vision and in the process inspire bright minds to dream up [and implement] world-shaking visions of their own!



12/14/2012 08:29

i have so many ideas that i am pretty sure is unique but need assistance of passionate and professionals in those fields....i think one of the things to be taken into consideration is bringing expertise into this programme to make this concept credible and achievable.also as time passes,i l love to be a part of this as it will afford me the opportunity to share several key ideas


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