Thursday, June 3, 2010

Arise! Awake!

Philippines is one of the two countries in this world where divorce laws are not there by law. This blog is creating to find out the solutions for the major issues related to divorce that Philippines society is facing in this 21st century.

1. No divorce
2. Co-living and Adultery
3. Street children in Philippines.

I believe the above mentioned issues are co-related.

Divorce is considered as the only solution for the failed marriages. A woman or man is getting chance to go for a family life if divorce laws are existing. The lack of divorce laws is considered against the basic women rights. Basically women and children are suffering from this kind of a situation. The number of extra-marital relations are increasing making the people fall down in to adultery. Above all now a days 16% of our young couples are living in co-habitation or domestic partnership. Where we are heading to? The values in relationships are degrading. Few of our fellow men say divorce will break the family system in Philippines. I will say those men are not having trust in their family. They afraid their women may leave them if divorce laws are there in Philippines. Let us discuss here. Let us help our women and children.

Welcome all of you!

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