Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Director of Operations, Tree Global, Geneva, Switzerland

Tree Global is a nursery service created to serve global organizations and projects. Our service offering has three main components:
1.    Establishing nursery facilities to serve large scale international projects;
2.    Growing trees professionally using accelerated growing methodologies;

3.    Training clients to install and manage plantings successfully on planting and managing plant materials.
Tree Global’s vision is to be the world’s leading provider of high performance trees, creating an internationally recognized brand around a portfolio of superior products and services. Our nursery service and all-natural accelerated growing methodologies will power a successful global enterprise and profoundly improve the wellbeing of the earth’s forest ecosystems.
Tree Global is a young dynamic company entering into a period of rapid growth. We are seeking experienced senior manager to help the company to achieve exceptional results.

Position Summary
The Director of Operations reports to the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for oversight of the company’s day-to-day operating activities including: designing, implementing and improving the systems the company uses to produce or deliver its products and services; expense, cost and margin control; and implementation of operational systems. 

Leadership & Strategy
·         Lead the operations of Tree Global to the highest standards of performance and results.
·         Participate as a member of the senior management team in the development and successful execution of business strategies for company products and services.
·         Ensure all department heads are fully informed of operational objectives.
·         Set operational and / or performance goals for each department which are aggressive, achievable and tied to long-term corporate goals.
·         Consolidate and standardize Tree Global’s core project processes (opportunity assessment, nursery establishment, nursery management, outplanting management)
·         Develop supporting management and IT applications for core processes (e.g. operational procedures, project management tools, etc.)
·         Consolidate and strengthen Tree Global’s supply chain and supplier relations;
·         Ensure quality control of all company output as pertains to customer relations and delivery of services
·         Identify key operational performance measures and ensure that TG is able to monitor key metrics at the project and corporate levels
·         Assist in the building of operational teams and personnel (Master Growers and Country Managers)
·         Develop and manage systems to retain and transmit proprietary technological knowledge (accelerated plant growth methodologies and complementary technologies)
·         Participate in the Science Advisory Board to advance technological adaptations
Market Knowledge & Networks
·         Ensure Tree Global’s target market analyses are integrated into operational planning.
·         Develop supporting processes for market knowledge capture and sharing (e.g. processes, IT systems, etc).
·         Feedback learning from operations into market knowledge and analysis decisions.
Sales & Marketing
In the short-term, Sales & Marketing will fall under the direct responsibility of the CEO. However, the Director of Operations is expected to play an active role in the sales process in the following ways:
·         Develop supporting processes for sales and marketing (e.g. IT systems, knowledge management)
·         Coordinate operations with the VP Sales & Marketing.

Capability Requirements
·         Demonstrated capability to execute strategy in complex, shifting environments
·         Excellent organizational development and management skills, including process design and supervision
·         Strong understanding of and creativity towards how to leverage IT to achieve business objectives
·         Excellent personnel management skills
·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
·         Demonstrated capability to operate with cultural sensitivity in international environments
·         An advanced degree in Management and Administration
·         Minimum 10 years of experience, with at least 5 years in a position comparable to this position
·         Network of individuals and service providers that could be drawn upon to achieve Tree Global’s vision
·         In-depth knowledge of at least one of the following key market segments on international level with exposure to the other market segments:
o   environmental conservation / restoration
o   commercial plantations
o   biomass to energy
o   forestry
o   carbon markets
·         Ability to travel as required (estimated up to 50% time)

·         Consummate team player
·         Ability to align and motivate people around the achievement of goals
·         Role model for entire organization
·         High degree of flexibility, with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit to accommodate high responsibility and shifting priorities
·         High attention to detail with low tolerance for unmet expectations
·         Willingness to do what it takes to “get the job done” to a high standard
·         Manages stressful situations with ease and maintains a good sense of humour

General Terms & Conditions
·         Duties to be performed from Tree Global’s Geneva, Switzerland offices
·         Attractive management salary
·         Ability to participate in upside of business
·         Health & social insurance

Application Procedures
·         Send a cover letter and CV via e-mail to
·         Please include “Director of Operations” as the subject line of your e-mail
·         There is no deadline to this application. The position will be filled when we are satisfied we have the right candidate for Tree Global.

Thank you for your interest in Tree Global. We regret that due to the large number of applicants and the time limitations of this recruitment process, only candidates invited to interview will be contacted. However, your name and CV will be recorded in our database for future opportunities.

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