Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Country Director Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), Haiti

The Country Director for Haiti is a full time expatriate position which has overall responsibility for the program and operations of PADF Haiti. He/she directs and supervises programs focusing on building Haitian capacity at the national and local levels to foster the active participation of community and civil society groups in the country’s socio-economic development;

support human rights protection; build, maintain and manage productive infrastructure and improve natural disaster management and preparation. Current efforts involve collaboration with national and local government, community organizations, and national and international NGOs.

The Country Director leads and supervises a growing staff of over 100 employees (almost totally Haitian nationals) working throughout the country from PADF’s central office in Port-au-Prince, and several field offices. PADF has been a development leader in Haiti for over 25 years working in priority areas such as: 1) agricultural development and natural resources management; 2); rural and urban community-driven development and civil society strengthening; 3) combating trafficking in persons and promoting human rights protection; 4) cross-border cooperation among Haitian and Dominican NGOs and municipalities; 5) natural disaster reconstruction and community preparedness; and 5) employment generation.

PADF’s overall objective is to help create a more stable economic, social, and physical environment in which Haitians live a dignified life, have economic opportunities, and are empowered to participate actively in the decisions affecting their communities. Funding for the Haiti program comes from the US Government, the Government of Haiti, the Government of Canada, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), and the private sector. The Country Director builds relationships with these donors and leads these efforts, prioritizes actions, and manages challenging program implementation actions.

The Haiti Country Director is expected to be a dynamic senior manager and leader, with exceptional diplomatic and interpersonal skills and international development experience. S/he will ensure that program results are achieved to donor’s satisfaction, the Government of Haiti, and the Haitian beneficiaries, while fulfilling PADF’s Strategic and Operation Plans. The Haiti Country Director is also responsible to further grow the Haiti Program, and expand its funding sources from approximately $10 million per year in expenditures to as much as $20 million per year over the next two to three years.

Reports to the Senior Program Director in PADF headquarters in Washington, D.C. with policy guidance from the Executive Director. Works in highly collegial manner with PADF headquarters, the USAID Mission, the GOC, civil society, municipalities, departmental governments and private sector officials. Works with PADF Trustees in Haiti to mobilize additional private funding to support program implementation.

Education Required
Advanced degree, or equivalent work experience, and prior senior level managerial experience in international development directing and supervising multi-year large and complex programs funded by major multilateral and/or bilateral donor agencies.

Language Proficiency Required
Excellent oral and written communications skills in English and French; Creole a plus.

Other Requirements
·         Proven experience in guiding, supervising and coordinating the work of highly professional multi-disciplinary teams, and in spearheading staff training and orientation;
·         Strong communications and excellent interpersonal/diplomatic skills with senior government officials, heads of diplomatic missions, international organizations and NGOs, municipal and corporate leaders with a view to enhance the PADF program;
·         Entrepreneurial orientation, self-starter who can work independently creating positive relations with host country officials, donor community, consulting firms, NGOs, municipalities, community-based groups, field offices and local civil society;
·         Attention to details and proven ability to quickly provide leadership in key program areas by effectively ensuring program results, proper budget management, evaluation of results and ensuring that high quality reports are presented to donor agencies.
·         Strong private sector orientation, able to address sustainability in project design and implementation;
·         Knowledge of and experience in Haiti and/or other developing countries with similar socio-economic situation;
·         Proven track record in fundraising with institutional donors, corporate donors and  international development organizations;
·         Experience in NGO governance, Trustee relations, resource development, including grant proposals and fund-raising skills;
·         Ability to work in conjunction with PADF staff and consultants in Washington and field offices to successfully achieve Program goals and results;
·         Experience ensuring proper security arrangements that allow PADF staff to work in conflictive and challenging urban and rural areas in Haiti;
·         Experience in strengthening systems of internal control, financial management and compliance with donor requirements, particularly USAID, government of Canada, and the World Bank.

General Description
The Country Director provides high level representation of PADF with key audiences, and leadership for PADF Program in Haiti. He/she directs, manages and takes responsibility for all PADF activities in Haiti to ensure that all program, communication, financial and fundraising activities support the country sustainable socio-economic development, add up to a unified effort which accomplishes PADF’s goals in Haiti, and comply with PADF’s policies and procedures. The Country Director reports directly to the Senior Program Director at PADF Washington, She/he may from time to time receive guidance from the Executive Director or the Senior Operations Director. He/she works in highly collegial manner with PADF headquarters, other PADF Country Directors, the donor community in Haiti, the Government of Haiti, civil society, private sector, community leaders, and others as appropriate. 

·         Provides leadership to ensure the development, financing and implementation of PADF’s program of activity in Haiti, and ensures that all PADF Board approved policies, procedures and standards for operational, financial, personnel and administrative systems and outputs are implemented by the Haiti country Office;
·         Oversees the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system to measure the performance of the PADF in Haiti against the organization’s Strategic and Operational Plans, and reports on a quarterly basis to the Senior Program Director on accomplishments in achieving the program’s objectives;
·         Ensures that PADF executes field projects while closely monitoring and evaluating field impacts and reporting them to donors, GOH and PADF headquarters;
·         Maintains close and collegial working relations with USAID, the World Bank, IDB, the Government of Canada and other PADF partners in Haiti. Maintains PADF as a recognized leader in supporting the poorest population in rural and urban areas and other vulnerable groups;
·         Increases the size and scope of PADF’s program;
·         As needed and in collaboration with HQ, conducts briefings for PADF Trustees from Haiti about the progress of the program and how they might contribute to it;
·         Manages and coordinates the smooth running of all operations, management and technical structures of PADF-Haiti, including advisory groups and or committees which may be deemed necessary to support the PADF program in Haiti;
·         Ensures timely technical, financial and other relevant reporting from PADF-Haiti to donors and PADF Headquarters according to agreed standards;
·         Ensures that all PADF programs in Haiti comply and cooperate with all financial, operational and programmatic audits, and follow up in a timely manner on audit recommendations;
·         Fosters the establishment of effective internal communication systems to ensure that all PADF staff in Haiti are fully informed of PADF’s Mission, Priorities and Strategic Approaches and kept abreast of new developments, policies and procedures as and when they arise;
·         Participates, in liaison with the PADF Deputy Director and the Director of Corporate Relations in key fundraising efforts with foundations, private donors;
·         Deepens PADF relations with all relevant donors in Haiti (bi-lateral, multilateral, private, corporate and government) to extend and expand PADF’s program and impacts in Haiti. To this end, works in close collaboration with PADF’s Director of Business Development;
·         Perform other tasks not specifically outlined herein but which may be required to address special needs of PADF Haiti and the Foundation’s program in the region.

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