Sunday, December 13, 2020

How to See Liked and Shortlisted Properties in MagicBricks?

When you save or like or shortlist a property like flat/ apartment/ villa/ plots in MagicBricks you assume that you can find this under your profile or any drop down menu. But you will not be able to see this in MagicBricks like other websites like NoBroker. After hours of search when you want to see and compare your shortlisted properties what you see is no menu to see this. Boom! You will be frustrated by this lack of feature in their site. In addition to this you cannot view this in their app too. 

What you see is the following homepage and my profile page in MagicBricks:


Manager Properties:

My Profile:

How can you see the shortlisted properties:

This one is a tricky thing. What you have to do is start searching the properties again. Once you start searching you will be able to see the following window and bottom right side you will be able to see a tab "Compare" and "Shortlist". Here it is:

Then click on "Shortlist" to view your liked projects or properties:

In addition to all these flaws another issue with the site and app is that both are not connected. It means if you save any project in the site you will not be able to see it on their app!

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