Thursday, September 1, 2011

IT Developer (Database and Website) wanted for International Volunteer Assignment – SL15IT, Challenges Worldwide

IT Developer (Database and Website) wanted for International Volunteer Assignment – SL15IT

1. To create a data base to monitor approximately 5,200 community based organisations under the patronage of the organisation.

2. To create ICT based web portal to link the organisation's communities/to propose new template for the organisation’s website to optimize external communication

Organisation Background

The organisation is Sri Lanka’s largest people’s organisation. Based on Buddhism and Gandhian thought they have formed a network of over 15,000 villages in the last 50 years. Today they are engaged in relief efforts in the war-torn north as well as ongoing development projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Study the organisation’s holistic approach to village development and develop a tool/database to monitor the progress/status quo of 5,200 CBOs (it broadly comprise of spiritual, moral, social, cultural, economic and political dimensions)

2. Propose ICT solutions to maximize the organisation's profile locally and internationally (ways and means of modifying the present website)

3. Create an interactive website to link the organisation's communities and activities of good governance and reconciliation (to create a web based platform for dialog and experience sharing

Skills and Experience Required

1. Excellent knowledge of ICT and databases
2. Sound knowledge in written and spoken English
3. Ability to adopt local culture and working environment  
4. Experience and willingness in local research
5. Innovative thinking and solutions

Please note that this is a voluntary position. Our volunteers are required to raise some funds to cover their time overseas. Challenges Worldwide offers you full support and assistance to reach your fundraising targets.

This is ideal for a career break or for people looking to gain experience in the Not-for-Profit or International Development sectors. As with many of our assignments, this position comes with the opportunity to become a chartered manager.

Challenges Worldwide

Challenges Worldwide is an international development charity. We work on behalf of our local partners to match skilled volunteers to assignments in developing countries where their skills are urgently required.

For more details and a full listing of our assignments please visit the Challenges Worldwide website.
To apply for this position please send your CV & Covering Letter to:

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